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Titolo: Italian agriculture in figures. 1999, (11th ed.)
Autore: INEA
Blasi, Giuseppe
Giordani, Roberto
Henke, Roberto
Marras, Francesca
Massoli, Bruno
Pupo D'Andrea, Maria Rosaria
Sardone, Roberta
Antimiani, Alessandro
Bonati, Guido
Data: 1999
Editore: INEA
Abstract: The booklet looks at the main issues concerning the agricultural world, with facts and figures ranging from the country’s geographical and climatic features to the role played by agriculture in the national economy in terms of value added and employment and to the relationship between agriculture and the food industry. Farms are analysed according to their structural features and economic results, using statistics from the Italian National Statistics Institute (ISTAT) and the Farm Accounting Data Network (FADN). Over the last few years, alongside traditional areas of interest the booklet has devoted an increasing amount of pages to newer topics, showing its ability to observe the evolutionary process which has turned agriculture into a multifunctional industry which not only serves to produce food but also renders other important services to the community in terms of supervising land, protecting the environment, taking care of the landscape and providing highquality products. The chapters of the booklet dedicated to the environment, organic products and rural tourism, as well as the chapter dedicated to the increasing number of national food products of designated origin describe these services. The picture is completed by an analysis of the application of EU market support and structural policies in Italy and by a useful chapter on the main national laws affecting the agricultural sector, which has been enlarged in this edition. Another noteworthy feature of the booklet, which makes it into a particularly precious working tool, is the fact that most of the data it provides are presented with a regional break down and are accompanied, where possible, by a comparison with the situation in other member states of the European Union.
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